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Editing Card

Metaslip supports simple Markdown syntax. The toolbar at the bottom of the editing page, from left to right, includes:

  • LaTeX mathematical formulas: $$ latex formula $$
  • Bold: **bold**
  • Italic: *italic*
  • Unordered list: * unordered list
  • Reference to another card: use [[Card Title]] to reference another card.

Layout of Card Editing Content

From top to bottom, they are:

  • Parent Card
  • Tags
  • Title
  • Card Content

Parent Card

Existing cards can be added as parent cards in the parent card section.


Existing tags can be added in the tag section, or custom tag names can be entered and saved.


The title cannot be empty and cannot be repeated. If it is repeated, Metaslip will automatically add a suffix to differentiate it.

Creating a Reference to Another Card

When creating a reference to another card using [[Card Title]], Metaslip will provide suggestions based on the entered title.

If you want to search based on the content of the card, you can use the search function in the upper right corner, which will automatically use the entered title as the search term.

If the card in [[Card Title]] has not been created yet, it will be automatically created when saved and added as a child card of the current card.


Creating and updating cards requires manual saving using the checkmark button in the upper right corner.

Other Features


Cards that have not been saved during the editing process will be in draft status and will be restored to their previous state the next time they are created or edited.

Note: Drafts only retain newly created unsaved cards and the most recently edited cards. If multiple cards have been edited but not saved, only one draft of the most recently edited card will be retained.

The search button in the upper right corner can be used to perform a global search. If the cursor is in [[ ]], the content in the middle of [[ ]] will be used as the search term.