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Projects are similar to folders and can contain multiple cards.


Projects are sorted by update time by default. Projects can be pinned to the top and manually sorted by dragging them after being pinned.

Deleting a Project

After a project is deleted, it will not be sent to the trash bin like a card, but will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Project Detail Page

Projects can only have one level of folders and cannot be nested. Newly created cards will be automatically added to the "New added" folder.

Creating a Folder

A new folder can be created using the new folder icon in the upper right corner.

Deleting a Folder

A folder can be deleted using the delete icon next to the folder. A non-empty folder cannot be deleted and its cards need to be moved or deleted first.

Copying the Content of a Project as Markdown Text

The entire content of a project can be copied as corresponding Markdown content in order using the copy button in the upper left corner.