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Metaslip knows how much time and effort users have put into creating and growing Zettelkasten, and data security is of utmost importance to Metaslip.

Currently, Metaslip provides several backup mechanisms:

  • Manual backup
  • iCloud backup (Pro, limited to iOS/Mac)
  • WebDAV backup

Manual Backup

Click on Settings/Export Backup and wait a moment to export the backup file. The backup can be restored by sharing it to Metaslip

Cloud Backup Strategy

For cloud backups (iCloud, WebDAV), Metaslip backs up when users create or update a card, and keeps up to 25 backup files.

Cloud backups can be restored by clicking Restore Backup in Settings/Cloud Backup.

Quick Restore Sync Button (Pro): Cloud backup can be used to implement multi-device synchronization. The quick restore sync button will appear on the search bar on the home page after subscribing to Pro and enabling cloud backup. Once there are new backup files on other devices, the button will change color to indicate that there are new backup files available for restoration. Click the button to see the new backup files, which will be displayed in a special color, and click to complete the restoration and synchronization.

iCloud Backup (Pro)

This feature is recommended for iOS/Mac users. Simply go to Settings/Cloud Backup, turn on backup, and choose iCloud backup.

Compared to WebDAV, ICloud is easier to configure, more private, and not limited by capacity or traffic. With the help of Apple's services, iCloud can detect changes in backup files faster than WebDAV.

Note: If iCloud synchronization is not working properly after subscribing Pro, please try quitting and reopening the app. If the issue persists, please email for assistance.

WebDAV Backup

WebDAV is a universal cloud file protocol. Metaslip supports cloud backup and restoration using cloud disks and NAS systems that accept this protocol.