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Data Export

In Metaslip, users have full ownership of their notes and can export all of them anytime and anywhere. Currently, Metaslip provides two ways to export data:

  • Markdown Files
  • Database Files

Markdown Files

Click on Settings/Export as Markdown Files, and wait a moment to export a compressed Markdown file that contains all card content.

The Markdown file includes complete information about the cards, including title, content, tags, parent-child links, references to other cards, and more.

Database Files

Click on Settings/Export Backup, and wait a moment to export the internal database file of Metaslip.

The database file contains complete information about the internal data of Metaslip, and can also be used for data backup and restoration.

The database uses the common SQLite format and is not encrypted. Users can use any common SQLite editor to browse and edit it, such as TablePlus or Online SQLite Editor.